Do you know teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies each year!?

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As a teacher I spend on average about $400 / year of my own money. Simply to make sure my students have what they need to learn and feel comfortable in my classroom. I buy everything from snacks when I have that football player with a stomach growling during 6th period to rewards for good behavior to learning games to make instruction more engaging.


This year my district opted to allow us up to $400 of purchases for our classrooms outside of normal budgeted items. This is amazing and doesn't happen most places and probably won't happen again to me!


Savings.com did their research (you can read full article here : https://www.savings.com/insights/teacher-spending-study and decided to pick four lucky teachers to win one of four $500 prizes to supply their classroom.


You can nominate a teacher (or yourself) here : #ad https://www.savings.com/insights/great-teacher-giveaway and make sure to thank those teachers for what they do. There are many currently leaving the profession and we want to keep the ones we have!