I am so excited to introduce you to Super Squares! You will want to look for your Valpak mailing for a special VIP code on the address label. This code provides you a special opportunity presented through Valpak. This unique code provides you with a chance to win even more on Monday nights starting 11/22 when you play as a Valpak VIP and could help you win an extra $20,000 weekly prize!

See below where to find your VIP code!


This app is easy and fun to use while watching some FOOTBALL! Being from North Dakota, we cheer for the Purple and Gold (SKOL!) It’s been awhile since we’ve been to a game or person, but it is on the TO DO list.  For now, we will watch from home and Super Squares has made it fun for me actually to watch "those other guys". 


There is over $2.2 million up for grabs and you will want to get your friends to play. When THEY win; YOU win! This week, I’m going to get my husband in on the action. Beating him will be fun in itself.

Here is how you play :

  1. Check In before kickoff and post your 3 Predicters
  2. React to and rate 2 Sponsor quizzes and ads. (trust me you'll find some holiday gift ideas within some of them!)
  3. Square Up with your 1st of 4 Super Square.

You’ll get a new Super Square each quarter – match one or both scores for extra points. As the game progresses, your 3 Predicters become more valuable; the closer to perfect, the more points you earn.  The top scoring Game Group Winners are eligible for daily prizes.

Here is how you win :

  1. Perfect Game– 3 Perfect Predicters, 4 Perfect Super Squares, and at least 100 Game Show points win $1,000,000 cash!
  2. Top Game Group Winner – Finish #1 in your Game Group, and have one of the top Game Group Winning Scores that Game Hour.
  3. Best of the Week – The player with the MOST POINTS in a week, and the HIGHEST PREDICTERS in a single game, win major prizes, too.

Here is a screenshot of mine last week. As you can see Team hollyshotbuys was 19th in the group of 25! This week, I feel like I have a greater  understanding of how it all works and will do much better. I also need to be okay with going against my team for the sake of this game.  (That Vikings vs. Cowboys game brought me down!)

So download your free app today and join in the football fun!  

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