The Life of a “dealer”

I jokingly call myself a dealer.  I have a knack for finding a good deal.  I've always had expensive taste, but never had the funds or desire to pay full price. 

You see I'm a full time teacher.  Teaching is my second career.   I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist by trade (which with Covid unfortunately people know what that is now).  I was coaching in a high school when I was approached to teach.  I had no idea that I could do that as a medical provider.  Well...I jumped at the chance.  I got the best of both worlds in coaching/teaching and inspiring future health professionals to love medicine as much as I do.  

I started this side gig as a hobby in January of 2020.  Little did I know that the world was going to fall apart in just a few months.  I also didn't know how much I was going to love doing it and depend on the income it generated.  

I have 5 kids and 2 grandkids... and kids are expensive!  I have my daughter Jocelyn (23) who has 2 kids of her own, my son Kaden (16) who is actually one of my students, Kamryn who is a Kindergartner and my mini me, and then 3 year old twins (Brynlee and Hadlee).  Yes, I had at least 1 child in the past three decades and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm married to my best buddy Trevor who is a Firefighter.  He is definitely the calm to my storm.  

Enough about me!  Let's get to the as a dealer!  It is so fun, but so much harder than people think.  I put hours a day into finding you great deals and sometimes only make a couple bucks.  There is also a ton of stressors that go into this such as following each store's terms of service, following Facebook rules, answering all of my followers, and putting up with deal stealers.  (Yes, that's a thing).  I work all day (thank goodness for Facebook scheduled posts) and then come home and put a couple deals up and answer messages, get kids fed and bathed, and then back to deals often until midnight.  Some days I'm tired.  Like really tired and don't notice that I wear two TOTALLY different shoes.  They were both Birkenstocks so that was a win.  (see picture for my attempt at starting a new trend...sure, let's call it that)

So that's it.  That is what I do and why I do it.  I appreciate everyone who engages on my pages, invites and tags friends, comments on my posts, shares my memes (I REALLY LOVE MEMES), and is just part of my extended chaotic life.  I hope you find the HOT BUY that you are looking for and tell your friends about it.  This is a hard job, but it is so much easier with your love and support.